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Op-Ed: In Defense of the NIH

March 20, 2017 Read full article here Last week, President Trump released his budget proposal. There were winners and losers: This budget, whether or not it actually passes, represents the values of the current administration, an administration that promised to put “America First” and to “Make America Great Again.” This budget hurts a lot of… Continue Reading

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Welcome to Transformational Medicine, PLLC!

We are open minded, healing professionals who have created an environment designed to be positive, healthy and patient focused, where all are welcomed regardless of sexual orientation, race etc.

We are accepting, compassionate, patient and understanding of the many varieties of ailments and/or concerns that many people need assistance resolving.

We are located at 3861 N 1st Ave, Tucson AZ 85719. Watch for the red mailbox at the driveway between Prince and Roger. We have ample parking in front and in back. We also have an entrance in back to accommodate you. Please do NOT park in the covered areas.

Warning2As our practice is considered alternative, we are not covered by insurances as a rule. However, most insurances will cover your lab tests. Some drivers have Med Pay when having a motor vehicle accident, which covers some massage, body work, myo-fascia release, neuro-muscular reeducation and structural integration, however we are not covered by any other health insurances.

We do offer the “Optimal Wellness Program” which includes extensive blood and hormone testing, thorough physical exam, and concierge program with Dr. Saber, NMD over the course of a year. This is over $1800 in value. Contact us for more information.

Please check with your own coverage before assuming you’d be reimbursed for expenses.

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