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 Alternative medicine is being more widely accepted as patients increasingly opt for
non-surgical, non-medical approaches to health care.

Healing opiate, suboxone, pain pill addictions; “Transforming Addiction into Connection” program.

Food / dietary issues; we are proud to present the “Transformations 360” program. A five week program that’s easy to follow, assists you in losing that excess weight and allows for positive results daily!


Our Mission / Vision:


The Vision


3861WellnessFirst is a sacred, wellness-focused environment created by individuals who perceive unlimited possibilities in all realms of life; body, mind and spirit.


All the highly skilled and gifted practitioners collaborate with patrons to educate and empower them to achieve their own personal aspirations; body, mind and spirit.


The realization of this vision results in happiness, good health and peace of mind for all those we serve;
body, mind and spirit.



Core Values


Personal Integrity

Words, thoughts and actions consistent with

  • Honesty and Authenticity
  • Respect for Others and Self
  • Accountability and Commitment



Words, thoughts and actions consistent with

  • Client–Centered Focus
  • Pride in Appearance and Manner
  • Commitment to Professional Growth
  • Commitment to Professional Licensure/Standards



Words, thoughts and actions consistent with

  • Steadfast Delivery of Expected Outcomes
  • Heart–Centered and Compassionate Services
  • Continuity of Care with Use of Best Practices
  • Commitment to Our Community in Time and Resources
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