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Our Team:

The Practitioners

Zach Saber & DeeAnn Saber are TransFormational Medicine

Lynda Witt is ProActive Health Solutions

Jo Ruddy and Jodi Hardy are  Counseling Concepts, LLC

Vonnie Schultz Albrecht is Very Special Alternatives

Lyla Sisson is our Massage Therapist

Norma Poplin-Redhouse is our Massage Therapist

Our Support Team

Marian Davis; Office Manager
Banesa SantaMaria and Sondra Tapia

The Classes

Tucson Writers Group
830am Workout With Kimber, Tuesday mornings

The Spiritual Side of Life

Science of Spirituality

Energy Work 1st / 3rd Monday evenings

Healing Knowledge 2nd / 4th Monday evenings

Contact Info
Zach Saber Phone: 520-232-4585
DeeAnn Saber Phone: 520-668-0039